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Before the end of the 21st century, minorities will represent over 50 percent of the total United States population. In fact, it could be as early as 2042, according to the 2008 U.S. Census Bureau’s projections. While the country is making this transition, we face a great challenge to prepare this population to maintain our economic growth. Instead, we are currently spending hundreds of billions of tax dollars from federal and state aid to subsidize these communities, rather than create a higher concentrated labor ready workforce with more marketable skills to sustain themselves and support our economy. Many economists fear this situation, if not addressed today, with growing competition for jobs and services, along with increasing life spans, will cause harm to our nation’s financial and social stability for decades to come, by placing the burden onto today’s generation of middle-class workers and future retirees to support these type of communities-at a high risk of living below their living standards, or even worst, live in poverty themselves. Currently, 37 million U.S. citizens already live below the official poverty line, which ranks our country 24 out of 25, in developed nations.

The Movement

 The onus has to fall upon our nation’s educational system, our schools, and our universities to start protecting our interest and to better prepare today’s future workforce, especially minorities, from these poor communities for the country’s well-being in the new global marketplace in the 21st century. Our commitment and relentless mission is to reach as many young minority men across this nation to not only graduate from high school but to become self-sufficient towards helping better the infrastructure of our workforce, educational system, communities, and the nation. Our minority men are suffering more than any other group in this nation, due to the growing number of minority men incarcerated, living in poverty, becoming victims of violent crimes and not finishing their education.

 The 100% Graduation Movement is a network, an institution, and a resource for all who desire to promote, implement, and have faith in decreasing the number of high school dropouts and increasing the number of graduates. Our society as a whole is being affected harshly. Many of our jobs are going to overseas foreigners, many of our young men never see institutions of higher learning, and many of the households in our nation are headed by single women with multiple siblings. We can and We will change this epidemic through our hands-on practicing evidence based approach in the 100% Graduation Rate Program which was implemented in Camden, NJ from 1996-2006 with proven evidence of improving the minority Graduation Rate. See Findings on additional page. 

Our Beliefs

The positive results from the 100% Graduation Rate Program in such a city like Camden, New Jersey, were currently, the State of New Jersey and its taxpayers subsidize over $380 million dollars annually for schools and municipal funds to operate the city, and with 31% of the city’s total population consisting of adult minority males between the age of 18 and over, an estimated 55% of them have not completed high school, and barley 40% of its current minority male high school students graduate each year, can be duplicated in other inner cities and rural communities towards improving the nation’s high school and college graduation rates of minority males as well as redirecting their social development towards reducing crime and increasing future employment opportunities. The program's components are replicable in linking institutions of higher education, businesses, and community services organizations, and offer the most comprehensive approach for building and sustaining America’s workforce in the 21st century. 

100% Graduation Rate Findings 1996-2006

*Academic Attainment in Closing the Achievment Gap*

  • The program had an overall 68 percent high school graduation rate for all of its minority male participants, which was 18% higher than the national high minority male high school graduation rate from 2000 to 2006.
  • Of the 75 percent of male participants that completed all 4-year of the program, 89% graduated high school, compared to the national overall male high school graduation rate of 65%.
  • 61 percent of the males that also completed the 4-year program enrolled in college and had a 42% college retention rate, which was 26 and 19 percentage points higher then the national overall male averages.

*Social Impact towards Stabilizing the Community*

  • Of the 285 male participants in the program, 22 percent were involved in the Juvenile Justice System, which was 8 percent less than the national average for inner city minority males in the same age group of 14 to 19 years old.
  • Only 6 percent of the males were teen fathers before they completed high school, 39 percent lower than the national average for teenage males.
  • 86 percent of all the male participants received job training readiness skills, with 66 percent finding employment through our summer community job linkage program with local businesses.
  • At the conclusion of the program, 11 percent of the males had received college degrees, 12 percent were still in college, 60 percent were employed full-time, 1 percent was enlisted in the armed forces, and 5 percent moved out of state, 1 percent was deceased, 7 percent were incarcerated, and 14 percent were unemployed. Compared with the Camden City adult male unemployment rate of 24%, the male adult involvement in the criminal justice system at over 30 percent, and only 48 percent of its adult male population working full-time.