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According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau’s projections, demographics indicated by the year 2042, Hispanic American’s will be the nation’s largest ethnic group. Yet little effort has been made towards ensuring this population well-being, or for the successful preparations for the responsibility of maintain the economic stability of the United States. Therefore, the New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED) organization and its partners have launched a national outreach and awareness campaign to ensure that:  1) more Hispanic Americans will enter the workforce with professional careers in the new global marketplace; and 2) increase representation in the national educational system will encourage higher levels of educational attainment and achievement for Hispanic American males towards building more health families and communities in the 21st century.

This campaign initiative is entitled – PLATAFORMA PARA EXITO. The objective is to successfully implement five core values to engage and empowering the Hispanic community into the educational and business sector by the year 2040. The methods for accomplishing this objective include:

Preparing More Hispanic American Males for the U.S. Workforce"

Through jobs that support the growth markets in the 21st century. This would require training and reeducation in the technology fields towards professional career development. That would ensure higher wages and benefits to support the worker and his family, as well as, long-term financial security and health benefits.

Establish Higher College Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Rates for Hispanic American Males

In an effort to help America become more competitive in the new global economy, it will be incumbent upon the country to build a higher and larger educated population from its majority. By inspiring more college entry and graduation for Hispanic American males will increase the representation of the U.S. in those job markets.

Increase the High School Graduation Rate of Hispanic American Males

By providing more in-school support for students and their families, via developing more bilingual teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, and other school support staff. The goal will be by increasing Hispanic American presents in schools, it will stress the importance of education for the student, families and community, as the United States becomes more diversified.  

Unity the Hispanic American Bi-Cultural Community towards Closing the Academic Achievement and Attainment Gaps in Elementary and Middle-Schools

Via promoting awareness and the contributions of bi-cultural Hispanics in America and World History, that explores the diversities that exist. This will create a better understanding of each cultural within America and the Hispanic community towards improving exchange and goal-oriented multicultural tasks in improving the importance’s of pre-secondary educational readiness.

Develop More Early-Childhood Programs towards Preparing Hispanic American Children for Entrance into the United States Educational System

Currently, more Hispanic American children start kindergarten at a disadvantage, mainly because English is their second language. Therefore, early development towards helping these children and their parents will ensure a more progressive start in engaging the educational system support. By developing earlier learning child community care centers with bilingual teachers and staff will help provide the assistances needed for the children as they enter kindergarten.

We deeply believe that if the objectives we have outline for this campaign can be both understood and acted upon by institutions of higher education, our business leaders, and the people who have public responsibility in the matter, we would be able to successfully start developing a national coordinated plan to prepare a higher educated and skilled workforce capacity to match the Hispanic growth rates, as the country is making this transition.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this movement and join this campaign, please contact, Albert N. Mitchell via e-mail at